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Pit Type - Inflow Boundaries

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I have discussed the approach of applying inflows from sub-catchment level (1d_bc regions) to all pits within the region with a number of other TUFLOW users and have found varying opinions regarding which pit types to include as connection from 1d to 2d ("SX" connections). Obviously Side Entry Pits allow for transfer of water from the pipe network to the surface but Junction Pits can also do the same (pit lids either blown off during large storm events or through pit lids having leaks/cracks). I thought I'd open it for some discussion and see what other thought regarding this.



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Hi Scott,


In terms of leaks / cracks in the lids, I would have thought the flow transfer in this case would be relatively limited, particularly in comparison to a having a missing or blown lid!


You could certainly look at running the model twice once with the junctions closed the and once with pits to test the sensitivity of the model results. 



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