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Scenarios in ecf

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I have tried to set up a model using the Scenario options, however it appears that you cannot use the If Scenario command in the ecf file. Is this correct?


We were trying to specify different network and cross-section files depending upon the scenario (such as blockages), however TUFLOW appears to try and read all networks listed, ignoring the If Scenario and Else If...  statements.


Is the only option to create a range of ecf files for each scenario and read the relevant file from the tcf using the If Scenario commands?





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Hi Gillian,


You should be able to use an If Scenario in the .ecf


try something like this (to model an existing 1D network and then test new features, say mitigation options):


Read MI Network == ..\model\mi\1d_nwk_existing.mif


  If scenario == mitigation1

      Read MI Network==..\model\mi\1d_nwk_mit1.mif


  else if Scenario == mitigation2

      Read MI Network ==..\model\mi\1d_nwk_mit2.mif


  End If


...continue on with .ecf commands

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