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Using ISIS Database

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Probably a fairly simple question but has been driving me round the bend.  I am trying to convert a short 1D reach from ISIS to ESTRY and use the XS Database command to bring cross-section data in from the existing ISIS file. 


I have specified the ISIS.DAT file using the XS Database comment and produced a short 1D_NWK file (S Channel), the properties of which I would like to be taken from the specified ISIS .DAT file.  What I am unclear on is how to specify the ISIS section to use at the upstream and downstream end of the network channel.  Previously I have used the 1d_TAB file to point at ZX csv files.


Any help gratefully received! :rolleyes:



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"XS Database ==" accepts .dat and .pro files, the latter containing the processed data from ISIS cross-sections (I think the .pro file is an export option from ISIS).  This feature is a very old command built in before ISIS was linked to TUFLOW (pre 2004!), so I'm a bit hazy on it and it's not particularly well documented in the manual sorry.  


My recollection is accessing the data for each cross-section is via using the 1d_nwk attributes as described below.  The .dat and .pro files are treated as a database, so you can have as many cross-sections in that file as you like; TUFLOW will only extract the ones you specify via the 1d_nwk attributes.  To cross-check, see the 1d_tables_check.csv file and the processed data in the .eof file.


For .dat files, you should probably also set "Trim XZ Profiles == ON" in the .ecf file as this will only include the cross-section details between the left and right markers - see description of this command in the manual.  


Let us know how you go and if there are any issues please email support@tuflow.com.





1d_nwk attributes (you can make the attributes below longer in length if you need to):


Inlet_Type (or Branch):  Leave blank.


Conn_2D (or Topo_ID):  ISIS cross-section ID (line below the keyword "SECTION" in the .dat file; and after "LABEL" in the .pro file).

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If you are a miTools user, you can also use the "Extract cross-section from DAT to CSV..." option under the "ISIS related Tools" menu item. This will create ESTRY format CSV cross-section files from an ISIS DAT file. You can then use some of the other miTools to assist in drawing up, splitting and naming your 1d_nwk file.



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