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2D Model over steep terrain (cliff face)

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trying to run a pure 2D model with some steep terrain, 1:1, using QT and HQ boundaries.  As expected we are getting high instabilities at this change in elevation.  typically we could overcome this using rainfall on grid, however in this instance, the client prefers hydrograph.  has anyone modelled steep terrain with QT and HQ boundaries? can anyone suggest a method to override, overcome these instabilities?

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Are the areas of steep terrain at the QT / HQ boundaries or elsewhere in the model?


Are you using the latest (2012-05) version of TUFLOW.  This build included enhancements for the wetting and drying which made the engine more stable in steep terrain.  There is more information in Point 47 of the release notes here:



What cell size and timestep is the model running with?


Finally, both QT and HQ boundaries have an underlying assumption that the water level is the same along all boundary cells, therefore care should be taken to digitise these boundaries to be perpendicular to flow direction (see this post for more information: http://www.tuflow.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=845#entry2197).  For internal flow boundaries the 2d SA inflows will likely be more stable than the QT type inflows, for more information please see the following post http://www.tuflow.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1151.


If you continue to struggle with it, please email the .tlf file through to support@tuflow.com.




Edit: Post was edited for missing links.

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