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Updated TUFLOW to GIS

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An updated version of the TUFLOW_to_GIS utility has been released.  This is available on the TUFLOW downloads page:



Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the utility are available in the respective "w32" and "w64" folders.


The changes to the utility are:


The ability to output multiple timesteps and data types from and XMDF file.  Options include:

-Folder”xmdf folder” Example: -Folder”Maximums” will output all of the "maximum" datasets in the .xmdf file.

-s<scalar dataset ID> Example: -s1 will convert the 1st scalar dataset.

-v<vector dataset ID> Example: -v2 will convert the 2nd vector dataset

-TypeAll This will convert all xmdf datasets

-tAll Will convert all timesteps

Note -TypeAll –tAll will convert ALL timesteps for all datasets the in file, this may fill your hard drive up quickly!


The utility now supports high resolution results (results stored at 9 locations around the cell instead of the cell corners).  These have been run with the .tcf command:

Map Output Format == SMS High Res


When outputting results to points (.mif or .shp) you can now filter based on the Zpt type.  E.g. -ptsC, will output results only at the cell centres (ZC locations).  The defaults is for all points to be outputted i.e. –ptsCUVHT.  T is used to define the 1D WLL for triangle points.


New output option -region (to be used in conjection with either -mif or -shp).  This will output a GIS layer containing the TUFLOW cells as region objects, the value assigned to the region is the value at the cell centre.  This output is only valid for high resolution results.


Any issues, queries or feedback please contact support@tuflow.com.





P.S. As a teaser for the 2013 TUFLOW release, a lot of the TUFLOW_to_GIS functionality has now been embedded directly in TUFLOW.

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There has been a minor update to this utility. 


Version 2013-09-AA fixes an issue with the output filenames when exporting from .dat files,  the output time was omitted from the filename.  If multiple output times where exported, the output file would be overwritten.


The latest version can be found here:





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