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Premature Exit of Tuflow

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Dear All,

I have a 1d/2d ESTRY TUFLOW model with a run time of 40 hours (!).  I have run a base model and asked it to write out a restart file at a specific time. 


I want to make a small change in the 2d domain to represent a proposed development, and then re-start the model at the specified time using the re-start file.  This should prevent the need to run the first half of the model and therefore significantly reduce model run times. 


I have saved a copy of the tcf for the 'base' model and asked it to read in the restart file created in the 'base' run.  I have specified the same start time as that of the restart file.  I have saved both a trf and a erf file in the 'runs' folder in the model folder.  The tcf then reads in a slightly amended tgc which simply reads in a zhape layer representing the proposed development.  The model appears to run through the initial phases, until it gets to the stage copied below.  I then get a 'Premature exit of Tuflow' and cannot seem to find a reason why.  It never gets to the point at which it starts to simulate results.


'Domain_001: Initialising 2D Data (Stage 2)...


Assigning 2D cell codes...


Pre-processing any SA regions...


Trying to open file K:\Projects\13509 - RUTHERGLEN, BAGLAN\DESIGN\WTD_TUFLOW\runs\common\PT_MHWS_Q1000_WTD_003.trf...OK.
Opened File Unit: 924


Reading Restart File K:\Projects\13509 - RUTHERGLEN, BAGLAN\DESIGN\WTD_TUFLOW\ru...
   Restart File Version: 1


Reading Restart File K:\Projects\13509 - RUTHERGLEN, BAGLAN\DESIGN\WTD_TUFLOW\ru


Closing any unclosed GIS layers...


Closing GIS Layer 1 [K:\Projects\13509 - RUTHERGLEN,

...Closed File Unit: 907

...Closed File Unit: 908


Closing GIS Layer 2 [C:\tuflow_outputs\13509\Checks\1d\PT_MHWS_Q1000_WTD_102_1d_bc_check.mif]...

...Closed File Unit: 922
...Closed File Unit: 923'


I am stumped as to why it suddenly stops in mid-process and would be very grateful if anybody could point out a reason why? 


Kind regards,


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Hi Laura

I believe that restart files can only be used if the underlying topography (2d z points) of the model you wish to restart is the same as the model that created the restart file. So in your case, because you have changed some z points (included a new z shape layer) your original restart file is no longer usable.  You will have to recreate a restart file from a simulation using the amended topography then you could use it to restart your model at the specified time.


Hope this helps,


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