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BC Groups not supported for .csv formats

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Hi Tuflow


Not sure why we are getting this error:


ERROR 0103 - BC Groups not supported for .csv formats


have not come across this before.


our 2D GPU model bcbase files are setup the same.


we are using 2d_sa buffers.





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Hi O-Dogs,


This error relates to the calling of ID|Group in your 2D sa layer.

In your boundary layer, in the first attribute column, you will have something like ID|Group (eg: S_01|Local).

Then in your bcdbase you will just have the group (eg: "local") as the first column under name. Tuflow then looks in the "Local" group for the individual ID 

It might be that you do not have the individual ID column in the right group csv file.

Maybe just have a double check that all your inflows are called correctly and sit in the right group.


If this doesn't help, it might be easiest if you emailed your .tlf though to me at TUFLOW support (support@tuflow.com) so that I can have a look.









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