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I’m currently working on a model run on a previous build, 2009 07 AE iSP, and I’m experiencing a WDRVR.DLL dongle error.
Tuflow builds 2009-07, 2008-08 and 2006-06 predate the newer WIBU CodeMeter dongles and can thus show a WDRVR.DLL error as they look for the old Softlok dongle.
Updates for these old builds were released to recognise the new WIBU dongles. These can be found here:
Release notes detailing these updates are found here:

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 -- Update --

The WDRVR.dll issue is occurring as the 2005 version of the executable requires the softlok dongle drivers to be installed (we now use WIBU dongles).  The download for these can be found here:


However, in order to be able to run simulations, the user will also need to have an old softlok dongle – there is a chance that this is a USB dongle, but for the 2005 build this is most likely a parallel port dongle. The latest versions of the TUFLOW executables back to 2006-06 have been released as WIBU compatible builds. We can’t modify builds prior to 2006-06 to be compatible with WIBU, however we do keep a number of older dongles available at standard rental rates if required.

The default approach would be to try the 2006-06-DB version (which supports Wibu dongles), there may be some minor model changes required to update the model to this version.  Defaults == PRE 2006-06 can be used to force the 2006 version to use the 2005-05 default parameters.  Section 14.5 & page A-15 within the 2018 TUFLOW manual are worth reading to familiarise yourself with the default settings.

Happy modelling!


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