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Modelling Underground Tanks and Flow Control Structures

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Hi All, I'm attempting to convert a WinDes model to ESTRY. I've managed to get the pipe network and all the manholes in fine, however the model has a large number of tanks with Hydrobrakes on which I need to model.

For the Hydrobrakes I was thinking of using M channels, and for the tanks I was going to use R channels with dimensions set to replicate the tank areas and levels.

Is this the best way to model these assets? Or does anyone have any advice to help with modelling these?

Any help welcome, thanks.

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I'm not that familiar (or should I say not at all familiar) with WinDes. However, for the tanks, rather than use a "R" channel, I would suggest using a "NA" (nodal area) type object in the 1d_tab format (the same used to specify cross-sections).  This can be used to define a custom height varying area table in order to correctly model the storage. An example is below (for a very odd shaped tank):


Height, Area (m2)

1.0, 1.0

3.0, 4.0

5.0, 1.0


For the hydrobrake, if the flow is controlled by both the upstream and downstream water levels, then a Matrix ("M") type channel may be required.  However, if is is only dependent on the upstream flow, then this can be simplified into a "Q" type channel.  This channel type was introduced in the 2013-12 version of TUFLOW (along with the additional of a range of 1D functionality), for more info please see point 40 of the release notes here: http://www.tuflow.com/Download/TUFLOW/Releases/2013-12/Doc/TUFLOW%20Release%20Notes.2013-12.pdf


Hope that helps.




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As a follow on to the topic the Q channels are viewed as open channels not pipes so it is not possible to have them connected to manholes. In the WinDes model the flow controls these are representing are directly downstream of manholes so I was having a few issues until I disabled these manholes.

As a future release of TUFLOW will it be possible to connect Q channels to manholes? As the only solution I can think of, adding another very short C, R or I channel between the manhole and the Q channel, is a bit time consuming.

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