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12da_to_from_mif conversion problems

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I've created a model with approx. 200 polylines in 12d. I have exported this model as a .12da file. Using a 'Header.mif' with the projection information I require, I have tried to use the 12da_to_from_mif.exe program  to create .mif and .mid files. This has not worked, telling me that the .exe has 'Converted 0 string objects and ignored 0'.


Please note that I have tried run the .exe using the strings exported as Polylines, Super and 3d. I've also read the online information for using the 12da_to_from_mif.exe and the other similar TUFLOW Forum posts.


I also ran a previous .12da run using the .exe and that 12da was successful in its conversion of all strings. I tried to change the format and content of the text governing my.12da to match the other .12da and this did not work either.



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