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Tidal Estuary - rising bed conditions

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Hi all,


I am working on a TUFLOW model for a catchment in a coastal area which is affected by tidal waters and am required to consider the following:


Morphologic change considerations of the entrance should include the bed of the

entrance rising at the same rate as sea level rise as well as the bed not rising with

corresponding sea level rise.


Assuming that the “bed of the entrance” is located within the model (and not just at the boundary), would “Variable Z-Shapes” the most appropriate way to reflect the bed rising at the same rate as the sea level rise?


If so, is there a way to have more than 2 triggers?

Any help would be appreciated.






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Hi Chris,


If the change in elevation is linear then you could use the Variable Z Shape.  If not you may need to use the "VG" type in the 2D_bc layer, in this you can specify a timeseries of elevation over time.


Are you running the model for long periods of time (years), or are you running the model at discrete climate conditions.  E.g. a simulation with 2050 and 2100 conditions?




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