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Mapping the Froude Number

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I would like to extract and map the Froude number

My TCF looks like this:



Map Output Data Types == hVqdF                                               !d E F h q R t V W Z1 ZH  ! Non-default output variables

Store Maximums and Minimums == ON MAXIMUMS ONLY        ! can save peak and minimum values (ON) or peak values only 

Start Map Output == 0                                                                  ! start map output time (hours)

Map Output Interval == 600                                                          ! frequency the map output data is written to file (seconds) 600 seconds = 10 minutes

Map Output Format == XMDF


If I use XPSWMM to look at the XMDF, I can see the Fr output.


I am attempting to extract the Fr from the XMDF using “Tuflow_to_gis_w64” and having no luck.

How can I import the maximum Fr into mapinfo ?



For performance and memory reasons TUFLOW does not track the maximums for each output parameter at each timestep (as the hazards, levels and velocities are). 

The data is available in the .xmdf for Froude number at each timestep but not the tracked overall maximums.


The Froude number can be post-processed from the output timestepls by using the res_to_res utility.

(Download link: http://www.tuflow.com/Download/TUFLOW/Utilities/res_to_res.zip and further information:http://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=RES_to_RES#Max)


An example command line to extract the maximum Froude number from the timesteps is below:

"C:\TUFLOW\Utilities\res_to_res.exe" -b -max M01_5m_002_Froude.xmdf –out MaxFroude.xmdf -path"Froude No"


This will extract the maximums into a XDMF new file, which has three datasets:

·         Max Value – the maximum value

·         Max Time – The time that the maximum value occurred

·         Max Source – The file the maximum came from if multiple input .xmdf files are specified.


This can then be converted to a MapInfo format using TUFLOW to GIS.  For example:


"C:\TUFLOW\Utilities\w64\TUFLOW_to_GIS_w64.exe"  -asc  -2dm M01_5m_002_Froude.2dm MaxFroude.xmdf-out MaxFroude.asc -path"Max Value"


Note the .2dm file needs to be specified as there is no corresponding MaxFroude.2dm file.




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