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Viewing flood extent and velocity vectors

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I'm trying to view a flood extent with velocity vectors on but I'm struggling to show both parameters at the same time.


I turn on Functional Surface and Vectors in Display Options and I get a grid of functional surface as shown in the attached.


I've tried Contours but then I get contour lines instead of the surface contour. Without Vectors on the Functional Surface seem to show the result as extent and not grid.


Does anyone know what's the right way to view surface contour and vectors at the same time?


Many thanks.


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Hi Siripen,


This might just be a case of changing the method used to display contours. Under "Display Options", select the "Contours" tab. Under the "Contour Method", change this from the default of "linear" to "Colour Fill". 


The attached figure shows the results of a direct rainfall model I am reviewing where both "contours" and "vectors" have been selected under the "Display Options". 


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