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TUFLOW 2013-12 Release Update (2013-12-AE) Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Build 2013-12-AE, a minor update to the 2013-12 TUFLOW Release.   The update includes two bug fixes:

  • Fixed licensing issue in Build 2013-12-AD that failed to retake a new licence if the licence was lost during the simulation; and
  • Fixed a minor bug if using an operating control variable of “dh” type.


As the update addresses a licensing issue in Build 2013-12-AD it is recommended that all users of Build 2013-12-AD update to this version.  


Useful links:

Release Notes (for changes due to 2013-12-AE see Items 93 and 94 on p47 shaded in grey)
TUFLOW Build 2013-12-AE (w32) Download

TUFLOW Build 2013-12-AE (w64) Download

Downloads Page


Update on the 2015 Release:

The 2015 TUFLOW release and a new/updated TUFLOW Manual are in their final phases with a planned release for August/September.  The release will also include the new GIS plotting routines including a QGIS plugin.


Should you have any queries or issues, please don't hesitate to contact support@tuflow.com.


Phillip Ryan




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