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Operated Sluice gate

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Q: Can you please give me an example of how to use operating controls on Sluice Gate?

A: Sure!


We also recommend the 2013-12 release notes(http://www.tuflow.com/Download/TUFLOW/Releases/2013-12/Doc/TUFLOW%20Release%20Notes.2013-12.pdf). Page 23


We've put together a small example on Sluice gate controls below.

This example builds on the data provided Tutorial module2.


(1) Make the layer

After loading 1d_nwk_M02_culverts_001 into your GIS package of choice, save copy (I'm calling mine 1d_nwk_M02_culverts_operational_002).

On the northern most set of culverts make the following changes (See figure 1)

  • ID:                FC01.2_SG       Change the ID for clarity
  • Type:           SGO                   Type "SG" for sluice gate with an added "O" to make it operational
  • Inlet_Type   Sluice Test         The control ID for the structure, used to link the structure to the logic block

Save and export your file.


(2) Write the logic

Create a new file in the runs directory called Sluice_gate.toc

Add the following lines:


Define Sluice Gate Control == SluiceTest


!  Default Settings

Gate Height Fully Open == 1.0           !Optional, sets the height of the open gate

Period Opening/Closing ==1              !Time taken to fully open or close (hours)

Gate Opening == Close                   !start with gate closed


!Define User variables

h_US == H2D 293286 6178179.75           ! 2D Water Level Upstream of the Gate (at specified X and Y)


!Define Logic

if h_US > 41.0                          !If the US water level is greater than 41.0 then open the gate

Gate Opening == Open

else                                    ! Else, close the gate

Gate Opening == Close

end if


End Define


A few notes of interest:

(3) Update .tcf and run

Save a new version of the .tcf file for M02 and make to following changes in the 1D domain block:

  • Update the reference to the 1d_nwk file: Read GIS Network == ..\model\mi\1d_nwk_M02_culverts_Operational_002.mif
  • Add a link to your newly created .toc file: Read Operating Controls File == sluice_gate.toc

Run your new .tcf


(4) Review results

To review the results of your operational structure, use the 1d_O.csv in the results\M02\1D\csv folder (see figure 2)

Here you will see that the gate status is closed until the trigger level of 41.0m AHD is reached at the X, Y location set in the .toc file. The gate then opens for 1 hour as specified buy the period in the logic block. The gate remains open while the level is greater than 41.0m AHD at the specified location, until it closes again.



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