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2d_PO line

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Hi all,

I'm getting started with Tuflow model and have a question: how can I extract results at any cross section after run time (mean that I didn't setup PO line before I run the model)?

To setup and rerun model with new PO line cost a lot of time. 



Van Nguyen,

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Hi rambo48v,

There are a few options available however it will require using third party software.

  • SMS (limited trial version)

Instructions for extracting flow vs time by digitising a feature arc are provided on the TUFLOW Wiki. You may also extract water level/depth over time by digitising a feature point. 


Load the 2D results (in DAT format) into the interface. Time-series results can then be extracted using the 'time-series' tool found within the '2D Results Tool Group'. See the help file for further instructions. 



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