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Cloud computing

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Are there plans to support cloud computing? Perhaps through Amazon EC2 of Google Cloud compute. For Amazon you will need to build an Amazon Machine Image. I assume this would be based on Windows Server 2012, unless you plan on recompiling TUFLOW for Linux. I'm not sure if there's a way to port existing user licences, otherwise you could charge an hourly rate for licences through the AWS marketplace. Cloud computing would open up a number of opportunities:

  • Model owners, such as local governments, who can't justify a TUFLOW licence could rent a licence at the same time as having a pre-configured server to simulate minor changes to their networks or test scenarios.
  • Bigger and more complex models could be run faster, including post-processing
  • Smaller consultancies who can't afford a TUFLOW licence could have access to a licence at lower cost

As an engineer for a large organisation, these ideas might do me out of a job!



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