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Welcome to the TUFLOW Forum

This forum connects the TUFLOW community through announcements, questions, knowledge sharing and users experiences.  The forum has a technical and applications focus, and is moderated by the TUFLOW Support Team. 

Here are some guidelines to get you started:
1)    Register as a forum user
Before you can post, please register as a forum user.  You need to validate your email address and then be approved by a forum moderator.  Using your organisations email address is preferable as we can approve you straight away.  This process is needed to prevent spammers and advertisers from registering.

2)    Publish a post or ask a question
The forum is organised into forums and sub-forums, from which users are able to post questions and comments as topics.  Before creating a new topic, it can be worthwhile checking whether a similar one already exists – it may even answer your question!  The easiest way to search the forum is to use Google (eg. ‘Tuflow Forum, boundary error’).  You can also add your comments or questions to an existing thread in response to other user’s post.
When you post a topic, please only click the ‘Submit Topic’ button once, even if the forum pauses for a while (clicking a second time will submit the post twice).  The pause is due to email notifications being issued and is a characteristic of the Forum software.

3)    Share Your Knowledge
Help others by answering their questions and sharing your experience.  Sharing tips, resources and ideas contributes to the community user base that TUFLOW has become well known for.

4)    Get Updates
Under a forum or sub-forum, click ‘Follow This’ on the top right to subscribe to email updates to your favourite TUFLOW topic feeds.


4)   Get Started 

Go the Forum Main Page, have a look around and if you're keen get involved start posting. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@tuflow.com and we'd be more than happy to help you out.

Regards, the TUFLOW Team. 

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