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Tilting weir

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Hello TUFLOW community,

I am trying to model a tilting weir using the latest version of ESTRY-TUFLOW... with a series of operation rules enabling the weir to raise by intervals of 100mm every time the 1D flow downstream is reaching a specific value.  Has anyone got any examples on how to represent this structure?

Kind regards,


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Further to my post above, I have found examples of 1D network files and operation rule that seem to approximate the operation of the above tilting weir (based on a set water level not flow downstream).

A culvert with vertical overflow gate (using the NAIR 2003 method) OR a gated spillway (using the USACE 111-21 method).

See examples attached. 

Could anyone recommend the appropriateness of each method in relation to the aforementioned tilting weir?


Oli Saillofest



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