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32 bit version of TUFLOW 2016 and XMDF

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An issue has been identified in the 32-bit versions of the 2016 TUFLOW release when using the XMDF output format.  This may cause the simulation window to disappear unexpectedly, with the final lines in the .tlf file looking something like the below:

Found 0 User Defined Output Zone(s)

Found 1 2D domain(s)

This appears to be due to an issue in the external xmdf libraries used by TUFLOW.  We are looking into this and will address this with the first update to the 2016 version of TUFLOW.  In the meantime, simply specifying DAT format instead of XMDF, will allow the model to run (all other output types, such as asc, flt, wrr, wrb, wrc, nc, tgo, tmo) are not affected.

Map output format == dat

The res_to_res utility can be used to post-process dat files into xmdf format if required.  Please see here, for instructions:


Please note, this issue does not affect the 64-bit versions (which the vast majority of people use).

If you have any questions, please contact support@tuflow.com.




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