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Manual typo, Asc_to_asc utility

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I’m trying to do a grid difference with asc_to_asc utility and using the method in the 2016 manual (section 15.2.2), I get an error saying it cannot find the asci file. The file it cannot find is the name of the one that I'm trying to output 

The Manual says:

Example 1
asc_to_asc.exe –dif Q100_dev_impact_h.asc Q100_dev_h.asc Q100_exg_h.asc
Outputs an ASC file called Q100_dev_impact_h.asc that contains the difference of Q100_dev_h minus Q100_exg_h.



I’m afraid that’s a typo in the new manual sorry.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I will have it adjusted.

You can find the correct version of the line of code you’re looking for on the Tuflow wiki, located here.
The manual version was missing the ‘-out’ flag that tells the utility that this is file name that you want to use, not to look for the actual file. 
You can see an example that I’ve colour coded up in the attached image.

It doesn’t matter if the output section or the difference section goes first, just as long as they have the flags so that the utility knows what to do with the input you’re giving it.



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