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Tutorial M04 error

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I am working through the tutorial models, using ArcMap 10.3. M1/2/3 ran OK, M4 keeps failing.

I have redone everything from scratch couple of times, still errors. As shown in the attached ArcMap display,

the error occurs on the upstream part of the X channel connecting the W channel to the S channel.
Channel directions seem to be right.

Should anyone have experienced this error and has a solution/suggestion, I would welcome any feedback.




I had a previous error, which is now fixed (as suggested), this might shed light on the cause of the current error.

ERROR 0305 - Projection of .shp file is different to that specified by the SHP Projection == command.
Use "GIS Projection Check == WARNING" to change message to a WARNING.



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Hi Kwanza,


I expect the issues comes from the direction of your upstream X connector.

X connectors are used to join side channels to the main channel, as you have done with the weir and the open 'S' Channel. The direction of the X connector is important, as it tells TUFLOW which is the side channel and which is the main. They must always be from the side channel to the main channel. Refer to section 5.8.3 of the 2016 Manual.

Thus, the direction of your upstream one is not right, change the direction so that it points from the weir back to the main channel. I've popped an image below of my version.

I'll update the tutorial so that this point is clearer.

Let me know how you get on and if you need more help.





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