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TUFLOW GPU: Latest nVidia drivers (368.81)

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Pre-release testing for the forthcoming update to the 2016  version of TUFLOW has identified a potential issue in the 2016-03-AA version of TUFLOW when using TUFLOW GPU with SA inflows and the latest version of the NVidia drivers (368.81).  The issue occurs when the SA inflows are proportioned to depth (which is the default behaviour). Previous versions of the NVidia driver show the correct flows, but for the latest driver, an issue can occur when there are cells wetting / drying within the SA boundary causing an incorrect inflow volume.  The NVidia drivers were released on the 14th of July 2016 and the 2016-03-AA version of TUFLOW was released in March 2016.
Our SA inflow test results are shown below, for the same model with the NVidia latest drivers (368.81) and an older set of drivers. The results highlight how artificial volume is being created by the simulation run using the new NVidia drivers (368.81). Our testing has shown this error is resolved by using the “Read GIS SA ALL ==“ command, instead of “Read GIS SA ==”.

If you are using the 2016-03-AA version with SA inflows within a TUFLOW GPU model, the following is recommended:
1)    Quality check you flow / volumes results to determine if the NVidia Drivers your computer uses creates the above mentioned issue.
2)    Use the  “Read GIS SA ALL” option.

An 2016-03-AB update is to be released shortly which will address the issue.  For future NVidia driver updates, we are planning on running a series of benchmark models to check compatibility of the drivers.

Please contact support@tuflow.com if you have any questions about the above.



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An update to the 2016 version of TUFLOW (2016-03-AB) has been released.  This addresses the above issue and all GPU models using the 2016 release should move to this build.  Please see the following forum post for more information and download links:


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