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Unspecified Simulation Failure - Fortran Error

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Hi There

I have been sent a multi-domain TUFLOW model with embedded 1D river channels in ESTRY and Flood Modeller (ISIS). The simulations complete with no issues when using 2013-12-AD, but they fail at the first time step when using 2016-03-AA. No error code is generated in the .tlf, I am just presented with a Fortran Error associated with the TUFLOW executable. 

I have tried to work round the issue by using a "DEFAULTS ==PRE 2016" command, but the simulation still fails.

Has anyone else encountered such a scenario?


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Great, thanks for the update Robin.

FYI, we are doing some final testing and are planning to release an 2016-03-AC update, in the next week or so.  This has some cool new features (mainly in the GPU) .



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