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Bill Syme

TUFLOW 2016-03-AC Update Now Available

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We are pleased to announce an update to the 2016-03 TUFLOW Release (Build 2016-03-AC) is now available.  It is recommended that all users of Builds 2016-03-AA and AB update to this build.  
The release notes provide a description of the 2016-03-AC improvements. The most significant include:

  • TUFLOW Classic enhancements and bug fixes:
      • New "Read GIS Zpt Modify Conveyance ==" .tgc command to easily increase/decrease waterway conveyance for sensitivity testing.
      • Bug fixes to BB bridge inputs and above/below deck structure group output
        (these fixes do not change the hydraulic computations).
      • New check files for structure groups.
    • GPU Solver enhancements and bug fixes:
      • Variable geometry (via 2d_vzsh layers) now supported in GPU for levee and dam breaches.
      • ZUK0 hazard maximum output now tracked every timestep by the GPU Solver.
      • Clarification of how to implement normal flow (HQ) boundaries in the GPU Solver.
      • Bug fix if using the SRF (Storage Reduction Factor) in the GPU Solver.

    Downloads Page
    2016-03 Release Notes
    2016-03-AA Manual (*.pdf) 

    Any queries or issues, please don't hesitate to email support@tuflow.com. And enjoy!

    Best Regards
    TUFLOW Team

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