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New TUFLOW Training Datasets

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·         Hi All,

Two new tutorial modules have been added to the TUFLOW training dataset.

  • Module 9 focuses on multiple domain 2D / 2D modelling.
  • Module 10 details Scenario, Event and Variable options within TUFLOW. These features help efficiently manage and execute projects requiring a large number of simulations. This will be particularly useful for those of you who will be using the new Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2016 ensemble approach to design flood estimation (after the BoM publish Australia's updated design rainfall depths and ARR publish the temporal patterns).

The tutorial datasets are available for download from the TUFLOW website:  http://www.tuflow.com/Tuflow Tutorial Models.aspx

The user documentation can be found on the TUFLOW Wiki: 

If you have any questions, clarifications or feedback, please email support@tuflow.com.

Best Regards,

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Subsequent to this post, ARR have published the Australian temporal pattern information and BoM have released the design rainfall estimates for events up to the 1% AEP. I chatted with Janice Green at the recent Hydrology Symposium. She was optimistic the extreme event design rainfall estimates should go live in February 2017.


Here is an announcement from the ARR team:

Coinciding with the launch of the IFD the ARR team is happy to announce the release of the temporal patterns for rainfall. Ensembles of 10 patterns are available for each region and 3 AEP bins. More detail on their development is contained in book 2 chapter 5. Also being released is the areal spatial patterns. The temporal patterns are available on the ARR Data Hub http://data.arr-software.org/ and should be accessed at the start of each project. Hydrologic Modelling software is being updated by software developers to do this.

Following the launch of the new IFD and remaining design inputs The ARR team is pleased to announce that training programs on the new ARR will commence in February 2017. The training program will feature the key authors of ARR chapters. A full program and dates will be posted on

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