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Commands supported by override files

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I have been utilising the TUFLOW override files to redirect model output to local hard drives. This works well for reading input files from network storage whilst large output data is written locally. However, I have had some issues using If Scenario and Else If Scenario commands within the override files (it appears that only the first If Scenario command is recognised).

When referring to the manual, it states that "Nearly all .tcf commands can be placed within the override files with the exception of Read GIS and some other similar commands that involve processing of data layers".

Is there a complete list of commands that are not supported or only partially supported?

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Generally TUFLOW's Override Files are intended for the more simple commands such as output drive, number of GPU, check files etc. We might need a bit more information to understand what you are trying to do. Are you able to please post what your Override File looks like? I can then follow up with TUFLOW's developers to check specifically if what you are trying to do should be possible or not. I believe that calling scenario wildcards should still be allowed e.g. Output Folder == results\<<~s1~>>.



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Hi Teegan,

I did some further testing, the order of the scenarios is not important. If any of the variables used in the override file are not specified an error will occur; even if that variable is contained within commands that aren't intended to be used by the current simulation (i.e. within an If Scenario block for a different Scenario).

My _TUFLOW_override.tcf looks something like this:

If Scenario == M01
    Output Folder     == C:\TUFLOW\<<~s1~>>_results\<<~s2~>>\<<~s2~>>_<<~e1~>>_<<~e2~>>
Else If Scenario == M02
    Output Folder     == C:\TUFLOW\<<~s1~>>_results\<<~s1~>>_<<~e1~>>_<<~e2~>>
    Output Folder     == C:\TUFLOW\EXG_results\EXG_<<~e1~>>_<<~e2~>>
End If

If I try to execute a single simulation from the command prompt with only -s1 M02 set, I receive the following output:

Trying to open (I) file T:\TUFLOW model\runs\_TUFLOW_OVERRIDE.tcf...OK.  File Unit: 902
skipping scenario "M01"

NoXY: ERROR 0015 - Variable "~S2~" not defined.
Line: Output Folder == C:\TUFLOW\M02_results\<<~s2~>>\<<~s2~>>_<<~e1~>>_<<~e2~>>

As you can see TUFLOW states ~s2~ is not defined and outputs the path contained within the M01 If statement. If I execute a simluation with -s1 M02 -s2 DUMMY then the simulation will launch correctly and TUFLOW will not produce an error.

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Thank you for the further information.

The above issue has turned out to not be isolated to Override files and can in fact occur in any control file.  Currently, if a scenario (or event) variable occurs in any line, there must be a value specified for it, regardless of whether or not that line occurs inside an active scenario/event block. 

Your use of something like -s2 DUMMY (or even just "_") as per above description is a good work around for the time being. Assigning a “dummy” name will be required for all scenarios/events which are not intended to be active, but which are referenced as variables anywhere in the control files.

This had been added to TUFLOW’s development list.

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