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Bill Syme

New Price List and Licensing Options from May 31, 2017 – First Update in 6 Years!

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New Price List – First Update in 6 Years!

We’re finally updating our price list, and offering new licensing options, for the first time since 2011!  Note: the new prices come into effect on May 31st, 2017, but any new sales quotes issued prior to this time using the existing price list will be honoured within the 30-day expiry date of the quote. The 2017/2018 annual software upgrades and support fees will be based on the new price lists. Links to the new price lists are provided at the end of this post.

The main points and changes are:

  1. Introductory Perpetual Licences (Local 1 to 4 and Network 1 to 3) remain unchanged for our base AUD rate.
  2. The monthly rental rate of 10%, and the annual software upgrades and support fee rate of 15%, remain unchanged.
  3. Australian rates are now listed including GST.  Previously, the rates were excluding GST.
  4. GBP, USD and EUR prices better reflect current exchange rates relative to the AUD.
  5. Perpetual Licence prices have increased by up to 10% (depending on the currency) for Local 8 and greater and Network 5 and greater.
  6. The Local Licence multiple purchase discount has been reduced from 15% and 30%, to 10% and 20%, for the 2nd, 3rd, … licences to the same Licensee.
  7. The GPU Hardware Module (formerly GPU 2D Solver Module) is now priced in the same manner as other modules, i.e. as a percentage of the TUFLOW Engine price.  For example, a Local 4 GPU licence is now simply 50% of the Local 4 TUFLOW price.  Previously, GPU Licences had their own (somewhat confusing!) pricing structure.  Of note is the new approach translates to lower prices for larger local GPU module orders.
  8. Yearly Subscription licences are now available.  A Yearly Subscription is 40% of the Perpetual Licence price plus one year’s annual software upgrades and support fee.  This option is also potentially very attractive to Licensees considering renting for 4 months or longer.
  9. Software Locks in addition to the existing Hardware (Dongle) Locks will be available with the 2017 release and potentially updates to past releases.
  10. Rental locks no longer need to be returned, but are covered by a one-off nominal purchase/admin fee.  The Lock may be retained by the Licensee indefinitely for future rentals or purchases.
  11. The 50% of rental costs discount on Perpetual Licences is being discontinued (we will honour this discount for rentals invoiced prior to May 31st, 2017 if the rented licences are purchased at the end of the rental period).
  12. A new Cloud Simulation Service is now available.  The BMT WBM Cloud Simulation Service is a bespoke service quoted at a per hour rate, which varies depending on the hardware, priority and order size.  This service is suited to short term bulk simulations.  For example, Monte Carlo simulations, where large numbers of simulations are to be completed within a short timeframe. 

TUFLOW Classic 2017 Release and the New HPC 2D Solver

The new HPC 2D Solver (formerly referred to as TUFLOW GPU) is now included, at no extra cost, in the TUFLOW 2017 release for CPU processors.  The 2017 release includes:

  1. TUFLOW Classic’s well-established 2D ADI Implicit Solver on CPU (single-threaded).
  2. TUFLOW’s new HPC (Heavily Parallelised Compute) 2D Explicit FV Solver, with 1st and 2nd Order options, on CPU (multi-threaded).
  3. Full 1D/2D linking and all 1D functionality available via the new HPC solver running on CPU or GPU devices.
  4. HPC’s 2nd Order Finite Volume solver offers similar performance to the world leading, proven and tried, TUFLOW Classic 2D Solver, with the addition of being unconditionally stable, mass conserving and benefiting from FV shock capturing.
  5. The HPC 1st Order solver was previously branded as TUFLOW GPU, but has now been further enhanced.  Backward compatibility to the original TUFLOW GPU 1st Order Solver to be provided for legacy models.
  6. The GPU Solver Module is replaced by the GPU Hardware Module that can reduce HPC run-times by one or two orders of magnitude by allowing simulations to run across one or more GPU devices, significantly reducing TUFLOW licensing costs.
  7. The HPC Solver is also multi-threaded (parallelised) for CPUs.

Links to New Price Lists

Fixed Grid Modelling:  TUFLOW Classic and HPC (formerly TUFLOW GPU) Solvers
EUR: TUFLOW_Fixed_Grid_Modelling_Price_List_EUR.pdf
GBP: TUFLOW_Fixed_Grid_Modelling_Price_List_GBP.pdf
USD: TUFLOW_Fixed_Grid_Modelling_Price_List_USD.pdf

Flexible Mesh Modelling:  TUFLOW FV
EUR: TUFLOW_Flexible_Mesh_Modelling_Price_List_EUR.pdf
GBP: TUFLOW_Flexible_Mesh_Modelling_Price_List_GBP.pdf
USD: TUFLOW_Flexible_Mesh_Modelling_Price_List_USD.pdf

All Currencies:

Please don’t hesitate to contact sales@tuflow.com should you have any queries.

Best Regards
Bill Syme
BMT WBM Software Business Manager

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