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Plot Output flow line along a HX 1D/2D boundary

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I want to output the flow between my 1D channel and the adjacent 2D overbank area. Will drawing a Plot Output line exactly along the 1D/2D HX boundary line provide the correct flow information?


If you draw the Plot Output (PO) line directly on the HX line, the output may not include some of the flow that is crossing the boundary. This is because the HX line selects an entire row of cells, where one side is “active” in the 2D domain, and the other side is “inactive” in the 1D domain. The "Q_" type PO line on the other hand will select a polyline that goes along cell edges (see Figure 9-2 of the 2016-03-AE TUFLOW Manual), and there is the potential that it will select one of the sides of the HX cell where it is inactive for the 2D domain.

This is demonstrated in the image below where a PO line (blue) exactly overlaps an HX boundary. The HX boundary would select entire cells (pink), where one side is inactive in the 2D domain (marked "x"). The "Q_" type PO line would select the cell sides (dashed black line). You can see that here are some locations where the PO line is selecting cell sides that aren’t active (highlighted yellow).

Try digitising the PO line adacent to the HX boundary, just into the 2D domain. This should avoid selecting these inactive cell sides. Use the _TS.mif or _TS_L.shp results files to confirm which cell sides have been selected by your PO line.


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