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Hi All,

I'm coming up with some "interesting" issues using a few commands - likelihood is that I'm making a FUE, however I can't see it and the results don't seem to be representative of such a mistake. (Background, this is for building representation)

Issue #1

Read GIS Zpts Add == blah (using a blank 2d_z__empty_R.shp)

Using elevation of 0.15 I would expect this to add 0.15m to the zpts it captures.  The TLF suggests it is finding the file and reading it in properly, but alas there is no result to be shown anywhere!  Nothing to be seen in the check files to suggest that this has been accomplished.  The file shows in the "input layers" check file, but no result.


Issue #2

Having failed at the above, I thought I'd have a go at modelling the buildings using something different.  As such I used a new GIS z__empty_R and took the buildings from my Mastermap layer.  Copied them in and applied a SRF to it of 0.1.  Looking at my UVPT check file I can see an SRF being applied of 1 and a WRF of 1.  I suppose i was expecting a 0.1 SRF, so to see 1 makes me thing that something is not quite correct!


Hope that makes sense - I'm at a bit of a loss on this one, reading through the manual suggests that I'm performing the correct steps, but receiving an incorrect response - since FUE is the most likely I thought I'd come to you lot for some advice!



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