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Sam Marginson

Write PO Online when only writing maximum map output

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am I correct in saying that, when you only write maximum results as map output (Map Output Interval == 0), Write PO Online == ON essentially does nothing?

if so, any chance we could get it changed so that it writes the PO results at the Time Series Output Interval please?  Sorry if this has been changed in the 2017 version - I'm still out of date

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Hi Sam,

Yes you are correct. The 'Write PO Online == ON' command will write to the PO file at every map output interval (opposed to at the end of the simulation). So if you aren't writing map outputs during your simulation, you won't be updating your PO file. 

If you're worried about large result files using drive storage, or run times being slowed due to writing results; a work around would be to create a small custom output zone, either around an area of interest or even just a dummy zone. This can be done using the 'Model Output Zone ==' command, and defining the output zone using 'Define Output Zone =='. This would let the PO be written during the simulation. Please see Section 9.4.3 of the 2016 TUFLOW manual for full set up and functionality of output zones.

As for functionality in future releases, it's always good to receive this sort of feedback, and I'll be sure to pass it along to the software development team!

Cheers, Ellis

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