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I'm having some trouble getting it to rain in a model I've converted to HPC.  It worked fine in classic, but when I add the lines below to the TCF, no water enters the model...

Solution Scheme == HPC
Hardware == GPU

in the TLF it shows that it's still reading the hyetographs correctly, but for some reason the Vi column is full of zeroes.  Any ideas?

I thought maybe it didn't like the Global Rainfall BC command & tried it with a 2D_RF polygon but no luck.  Similarly, I tried changing the PO layer to one without QS lines but still no luck

not sure if it's related but the DOS window also contains a bunch of errors along the lines of "CUDA driver API error 0400".  They occur all the way through but the run doesn't stop

please help!



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Hi Sam,

Yes i do suspect that this is related to the CUDA driver issue.  I wouldn't be trying to resolve any model issues until we can resolve the CUDA driver error.  Are you able to send through the .tlf and .hpc.tlf file through to support@tuflow.com?




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Just an update on the following.  The computer had been used for TUFLOW GPU simulations previously, however, TUFLOW HPC uses a newer version of the CUDA language, this later version may require a newer graphics driver to be installed.

A driver update fixed the issue.


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