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TUFLOW pause mid-simulation? cause and solution

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Hi Chris, I have been having issues recently with a new Win10 machine where the simulation inexplicably drops out, last couple of times when writing output. The sim hasn't crashed or paused, but the simulation window just closes by itself. Any ideas if it is the same issue? I have applied your suggested Quick Edit solution anyway.


Cheers, Lih

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Hi Lih,

We have seen this behaviour before under the following situations:

  1. The output drive where the model is attempting to write results is full.
  2. With Windows 10 in particular, if the results are being written to a network location and the network drops out the DOS console window disappears and nothing is written to the .tlf.

Do either of these situations sound like they could apply to your case? Can you try rerunning the model after you've changed the output directory so it writes to a your local drive (also after checking it has enough room for the results)?

Note, I don't recommend writing results directly to an external hard drive either. I've found it can cause a model to run slower than it would otherwise if the result were written to a local drive.

Cheers, Chris

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I have recently had models pausing. I get the following error, a pop up box then occurs and once ok is clicked the model continues.

Error 2422 - Could not open XMDF output file. XMDF Error = - 4002. Check disk space, file access or locked by another application.

For the model there is enough disk space and it shouldn't be locked by another application. Could this be due to a connection loss between where the model is running and where the model is reading and writing from? This is what I thought, however, I have had multiple models running on one machine and only 1 has had this issue. The models are running on the same machine, and the data is saved on the same server.

Could the Windows 10 DOS “Quick Edit” solve this or do you think that it is a connection error?

Thanks, Emma

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