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Rosie Hampson

Is it possible to use scenario flags in trd files

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Hi Rosie,

At the moment it does work in certain situations. The reason it doesn't work in all situations is due to the order in which TUFLOW initiates and reads the commands. This is something we may look to change in a future release.

The below is a summary of when using the scenario wildcard in the name of a TRD file will work:

  • If reading in a TRD file in a control file that isn't the TCF (e.g. TBC, TGC etc.)
  • If reading in a TRD file in the TCF and also calling events by using an Event File (TEF)

It WON'T work when:

  • If reading in a TRD in the TCF and not calling events by using a TEF

The same holds true if specifying Variable wildcards in the names of TRD files.

Thanks, Ellis.

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