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New Zealand TUFLOW Workshops and Training - February 2018

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Auckland 20th February, 2018 - Modelling Workshop

The TUFLOW team are hosting a free lunch and afternoon hydraulic modelling workshop presenting a combination of demonstrations, case studies, technical presentations, and question and answer sessions focusing on common modelling challenges faced by industry.

You will have access to hydraulic modelling experts who will share their experiences and approaches to model review, assessment of hydraulic structures, when are 1D and 2D solvers accurate, sub-surface pit and pipe drainage networks, and 2D hydrologic techniques. The afternoon provides an excellent opportunity to network and discuss hydraulic principles with other modellers and environmental specialists working in the flood risk management industry.

The session is designed for engineers, scientists, project managers and others either new to hydraulic modelling or those interested in better understanding the tasks involved to prepare and deliver floodplain and coastal hydraulic assessments.

Auckland 21st-22nd February, 2018 - Intensive 2 Day Computer-Based Training

Whether you are new to TUFLOW or a long-term user, this 2 day training is a great way to develop and enhance your understanding of TUFLOW’s functionality, your capabilities and efficiency as a modeller, and to learn about hydraulic modelling principles. Our training aims to ensure you get the most out of hydraulic modelling.

Day 1 covers the TUFLOW basics, including TUFLOW theory followed by practical model creation and review of results. 

Day 2 covers more advanced features and efficient modelling practices. This session also covers the new HPC solver.  

For more information on content and how to register please check out our New Zealand Training Page: https://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?nzbt#

If you have any other queries, please send me an email at training@tuflow.com. 

Kind regards, Mitch.

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