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Insufficient Feature Attributes with Read GIS SA RF: No Error Code

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I put this command in my TBC file:

Read GIS SA All RF == gis\2d_sa_rf_LT_FutureTCD_001_R.shp   ! Future Town Centre Development
TUFLOW stopped without giving me an error. Here is the final lines of the TLF:


Found database line: ARR2016_Urban,ARR2016_URBAN.csv,Time_0180M,01pct_0180M_01,,,,,
...Array size from xf file: 58
Opening GIS Layer: R:\PROJECTS\XXX\Modelling\TUFLOW\model\gis\2d_sa_rf_LT_FutureTCD_001_R.shp
GIS Layer assigned ID of 2
1 DBF Fields (Name [#/Type/Length]): Name [1/C/100]  
Reading: R:\PROJECTS\1XXX\Modelling\TUFLOW\model\gis\2d_sa_rf_LT_FutureTCD_001_R.shp

I found the problem was only 1 Attribute in the 2d_sa GIS fle instead of the required 5.

But it should stop with an error message.

The same behaviour is exhibited whether I use HPC or Classic.





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Hi Tina,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Yes, it would be good if this error produced a corresponding error number and message. I've passed it along to the development team.

As you are probably aware, there is an empty 2d_SA_RF gis file that should be used when using the "Read GIS SA RF == " command that has the required attribute fields read by TUFLOW.



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