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TBC variables

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Guest Stephen Kime

Hi ndeeks,

Glad to hear that you have a solution, but to clarify further for yourself and others, you can add Scenario Logic statements and Variables to your TUFLOW Boundary Control (*.tbc) file as you have confirmed for yourself. You can also add these to the following Control Files for the 2013-12 TUFLOW build and successive releases:

  • TUFLOW Control File (*.tcf),
  • Estry Control File (*.ecf),
  • TUFLOW Event File (*.tef), and
  • TUFLOW Geometry Control File (*.tgc)

Prior to the 2010-10 TUFLOW release, Scenario and Event logic statements were not available; and between the 2010-10 and 2013-12 builds, logic statements should only be written in the TUFLOW Control File (*.tcf).



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I have used variables and scenarios in the TBC for a whole range of things - the most common I've used is to set a variable that calls on a different bc gis file to test sensitivity of the model to changes in the HQ slope... Or sometimes if your model is near the coat or a dam, switch between a Ht downstream boundary or a HQ downstream boundary dependent on scenario. 

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