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modelling fences using VZSH

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Hi all, I'm following the method suggested in the manual for modelling fences in an urban environment: a thin variable height breakline, but it doesn't seem to be working because outputs show no maximum head difference at fence lines.


I have set-up the fences to a nominal height that collapses to 0.2m high when adjacent water depths reach 1.0m:

VZSH points with fence elevations (Z) and all other attributes 0 or null

VZSH lines with dZ = 0.2, Shape_Option = REPEAT, Trigger_1 = DEPTH, Trigger Value = 1.0, Period = 0.002, all other attributes 0 or null.

Checks I've done

Flood depths, levels and vectors indicate fences are not obstructing flows despite being crossed by shallow flow (<0.3m), so trigger values are never activated because water doesn't accumulate and depth doesn't exceed trigger of 1.0m

Check file for VZSH points is empty. TLF indicates the right number of elevation points were read. I've check snapping and all looks ok.

Check file for VZSH lines indicates inputs read as expected, confirms final z, but doesn't have any attribute for initial Z. Does this mean initial Z varies along line, but final Z is constant/ horizontal?

Thanks in advance for any ideas. Nick.

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Guest Stephen Kime

Hi ndeeks,

I can't see any issues in your approach, so it might be an implementation issue. Rather than me speculating on what this might be could you please forward this through to support@tuflow.com with the following files?

  • TUFLOW log file (*.tlf)
  • 2d_vzsh input files
  • zpt and vzsh check files



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I would be interested to know the outcome of this, as we recently had the same problem applying vzsh using lines. We ended up resorting to using polygons as needed a quick answer.

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