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I am running Tutorial M04 on QGIS and my model keep on crashing and I struggle to find the cause of it. It seems to be something with my 1D environment and the FC_weir1, but I have gone through the steps several times and I can’t see in which step I have gone wrong. The errors starts to occur at time 1:25 as per image below. I have compared my model with the provided complete one and can’t see any difference between “my” FC_weir1 and the one in the complete model or anything else for that matter. Any tips on what might be causing the problem or where I should start to look for plausible errors in my model would be much appreciated.




module 4.png

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Hi Alex,

Can you please zip and send a complete copy of your model inputs to support@tuflow.com. Result and check files are unnecessary. We'll recreate them by rerunning the model. 

We'll identify the cause, email you the fix and also a description outlining how we were able to identify the issue.


Chris Huxley

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