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TUFLOW model does not retry for license

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I'm attempting to run a linked Flood Modeller-TUFLOW model, which fails immediately with the following message in the .tlf

initialising M2D licence...
TUFLOW M2D Module       No free LAN licences available.

NoXY: ERROR 2100 - Multiple 2D Domains module not available or all licences in use.
Cannot use "Start 2D Domain" command.
For licensing information, please contact sales@tuflow.com.
Wiki Link: http://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=TUFLOW_Message_2100

We do have networked M2D licenses, and it is correct that at the time none were available.  However, the set-up of the TUFLOW_Dongle_Settings.dcf file (below) should mean that TUFLOW retries for a license

WIBU Retry Time == 20 ! seconds. Values less than 3 are set to 3. Default = 60.
WIBU Retry Count == -1 ! Use -1 for indefinitely.
WIBU Dongles Only  == ON ! If ON, searches for WIBU dongles only. Default is OFF.

Would anyone be able to advise on why the model fails, rather than retrying for a license?  This seems to have only become an issue since updating to the latest versions of Flood Modeller (4.3) and TUFLOW (2017-09-AC-iSP-w64).

Many thanks


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Hi Ihsien,

Does your TCF include the command "Start 2D Domain" and/or "End 2D Domain". This command is reserved for multiple 2D domain models, and will trigger an M2D licence check, whether you're using multiple domains or not. If these commands are present, delete them (they're unnecessary if you are only using a single 2D domain) and try running the simulation again.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.  I am using the Start and End 2D Domain commands, although this is intentional as the model has multiple 2D domains

I'm confused that TUFLOW has, in the past, retried for a M2D license if none were available.  It only seems to be since updating to the latest FM and TUFLOW versions that we've had issues with models failing rather than retrying for licenses.  Any advice you're able to offer on this would be much appreciated



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