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ERROR 2091 - Error reading MID or other input file.

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Hi modellers,

I'm trying to re-run an existing linked model via Flood Modeller, and am getting 'ERROR 2091 - Error reading MID or other input file.'.

There isn't a suggested solution that I can find on the Tuflow website. I've examined each of the input files(zpts, mat, bc_code etc.), and don't see an issue?

It initially din't run through without using 'Check MI Save Date == WARNING'

I've updated to the latest Tuflow version, as I think the latest version fixed a bug with ERROR 2091 being reported when reading a MID file ("Read MID" or "Read RowCol" in .tgc)

Thanks in advance for your comments or advice



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Hi Tom,

This looks like this could be a Fortran error and it not being able detecting the end of a file. Unfortunately this error can happen and seems to occur at random (more so for certain Fortran compilers, and i'm not sure how the 2013 release of TUFLOW was compiled). This was indeed fixed in the 2017-09-AB release.

If you need to use the 2013 build and this keeps occurring, then you could try the following :

  • Initialise the model in the latest TUFLOW build, this will generate XF files for the zpts.mid (for more information on XF files see Section 4.10 of the 2016 TUFLOW manual)
  • For the 2013 model build runs, read in the XF files directly (see example below) instead of the .mid file.

Read MID Zpts == mi\xf\2d_zpt_001.mid.xf8



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