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New TUFLOW Release: 2018-03-AA

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We are pleased to announce the release of TUFLOW 2018-03-AA. The significant items to be aware of in this release are:

  • Substantial simulation speed improvements for large 1D/2D linked models. This update has demonstrated speed increases from 10%, for small simple 1D/2D models, to 4000% (40 times faster!!) for large integrated urban drainage models with over 30,000 1D pit inlets.
  • New licence free model test and copy options.
  • New temporally and spatially varying external stress options (e.g. wind stress).
  • Support for virtual pipes and 1D pipe networks within the same model.
  • TUFLOW HPC now supports all hazard output types.
  • Minor bug fixes.


This release is included in the 2017/2018 maintenance period, which was invoiced mid last year. The new executable and 2018 release notes are available for download from the website: https://www.tuflow.com/Downloads.aspx


In addition to the 2018 release we have also recently updated the TUFLOW manual. It is now current to the 2017-09-AC release and available for download: https://www.tuflow.com/Tuflow Documentation.aspx. Please refer to the release notes for new commands added since 2017-09-AC.


Happy modelling from the TUFLOW Team


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Hi Chris, 

Thanks for the new release. Regarding the "New licence free model test and copy options" - will the model test enable users to test start a simulation (license free) to see if it will commence time-step calculations? Will it write check files (license free) prior to commencing simulation time-steps? 

Kind regards, 


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Hi Daniel,

The new licence free test and copy options do not progress to the time-step calculations or write check files. A licence is needed for both of those things. If the licence free test confirms the input file references and associated attributes are error free it will return the text "Simulation Start Test == SUCESSFUL" to the tlf and tsf files.  If errors are found it will output "Simulation Start Test == UNSUCCESSFUL or STILL RUNNING" instead. If the test is unsuccessful, a valid licence will be required to write the diagnostic output and debug the issue.

These new features were primarily created to help users who are running TUFLOW models on the Cloud. The features will let users do final tests on their models before uploading to the compute resource. Similarly, the new licence free package model option was created at the request of some users who run their design simulations on the Cloud.



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