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Direct Rainfall Modelling with PO Lines

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Hi all,

I am running a direct rainfall model and I am trying to use PO lines to obtain hydrograph outputs at key locations in my model.

When I first tried to use PO lines in my tcf it came up with the error 0046 - Time Series Output Interval not specified.

I was able to fix this error by using the command Time Series Output Interval == 3600. The model runs, but without any rainfall entering the model.

When I remove the PO lines but keep the Time Series Output Interval command the model still runs without rainfall.

The model was running with rainfall before and when I remove the Time Series command. Also, the model I have that uses 2d_bc input hydrographs rather than 2d_rf layers seems to run fine with the PO and Time Series commands.

I have attached my tcf.




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Hi Rhain,

There were a number of issues with HPC and rainfall boundaries in the 2017-09-AA version of TUFLOW, for more information please see the 2017 release notes here: https://www.tuflow.com/Download/TUFLOW/Releases/2017-09/TUFLOW Release Notes.2017-09.pdf

You should download and update to the latest 2017 version (2017-03-AC) or preferably the latest version which is currently available https://tuflow.com/Tuflow Download.aspx

Using a later version and setting the Time Series Output Interval == 3600 should resolve the issue. The output frequency shouldn’t change the rainfall application.


Kind Regards,


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