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TUFLOW 2018-03-AC Update Available

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We are pleased to announce that a major update to the 2018-03 TUFLOW Release (Build 2018-03-AC) is now available.  This important update includes support for HPC linking to external 1D schemes, enhancements needed for deployment to the Cloud, and bug fixes.  All users of the 2018-03 release should update to this build.  

The release notes (link below) provide a complete description of the 2018-03-AC improvements.  The most significant changes are:

  • Support for linking HPC to three external 1D schemes (12D DDA, FloodModeller, XP-SWMM).
  • Enhancements to support deployment of large numbers of simulations to the Cloud.
  • Enhancements to the package model functionality.
  • Enhanced functionality and bug fixes for soil infiltration.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to Z-shape Gully Lines, Flow Constriction and Layered Flow Constriction Shapes.
  • HPC timestepping efficiency output. 

Notably, we’ve cleared the deck of important issues and we are now full steam ahead for the 2019 release, which will include the new HPC Quadtree (variable grid sizes) feature.

Links to download:
Downloads Page
Release Notes (for changes from 2018-03-AB refer to light blue shaded text)

Any queries or issues, please don't hesitate to email support@tuflow.com. And enjoy!

Best Regards


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