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Set Variable with .csv functionality

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Hi Tuflow

I have a Stormtide Inundation Model with no upstream inflows and a downstream boundary which applies a temporally varying water level using a 2d_bc polyline (HX type - linearly varying) + 1d_bc Nodes + 1d_Nwk_Nodes. There are three subtly different water level timeseries which are applied across the HX line (along the shoreline of a coastal estuary) 

I wish to set an initial water level (IWL) based on only ONE of the time series (contained within a .csv file) which are referenced from the bc_dbase.

I note the current version of TUFLOW allows the user to use an automatic method for setting IWL which works really well if you only have one downstream timeseries. i.e. Set IWL == AUTO

I was wondering, is there some way I can set one of my timeseries as a variable using the "Set Variable" command and then reference this to set the IWL?

I could imagine the syntax might look something like below - where WL1 is the timeseries I wish to apply as my IWL 

 Set Variable WL1 == ..\..\Storm_Tide.csv | WL1

Set IWL == WL1

Tuflow would then apply WL1 the same way as the AUTO option. 

Can I already do something like this? Would save me Lots of time when I have MANY scenarios!!!!!!! 

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Hi Tyrone,

TUFLOW currently does not have this option available to specify just one timeseries as IWL when there is more than one timeseries in the model, however it is a good suggestion for our future releases.

In the meantime you can vary the IWL in the .tef. If you have many events, this should be easily scriptable. Please send your bc_dbase to support@tuflow.com with some detailed description and we can have a look at it for you.


Kind Regards,


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