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Maximise CPU Usage

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Hi everyone,

We have been undertaking multiple TUFLOW runs on a single modelling machine and found that the CPU utilisation remains below 50%. The machine has 20 cores,128GB RAM and runs on 64-bit Windows 10. Any idea on how we can tweak the machine to utilise the CPU further?

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Hi there,

It's hard to say for certain without seeing more what you're looking at, but it may simply be that you're not running more than 10 simulations at once? A single simulation (in classic at least, things will be different in HPC) can only harness a single core worth of CPU. I would expect that it would be close to fully utilizing one core worth though, so perhaps when you're running 4 concurrent simulations it shows as using about 20% of your CPU?

Sorry if this is all way too low level an answer and you're actually running 20 sims at once! If that's where you're at and it's using less than 50% of the CPU then you've a bottleneck in your hardware somewhere (possibly RAM speed..?); but I'll leave it to another more knowledgeable person to discuss that!

Hope that's of some use,


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