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Linking 1D ISIS FMP directly to 1D ESTRY

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I have a 1D-2D linked TUFLOW-FMP model representing a river (1D) and its floodplain (2D). For various reasons I've decided to add an ESTRY river section downstream of the FMP (Flood Modeller) river section, however I am having trouble linking the two 1D schemes.

I have tried to connect the two schemes with a 1D channel line (the Conn_2D attribute set to X1DQ) to link the last FMP node to the ESTRY network as per guidance found on this forum and the FloodModeller help page (http://help.floodmodeller.com/floodmodeller/How_to_link_1D_Model_to_a_TUFLOW_Model_with_ESTRY_components_.htm) however, the flow from the upstream FMP network seems to just disappear from the network at the dummy HTBDY node in the FMP scheme. 

I suspect that rather than discharging to the external connection, the FMP is discharging straight to the HTBDY, however the check file (nwk_N_check_P) indicates that there is an external connection at the appropriate location. 

Any advice on the set-up or suggested solutions would be appreciated. Otherwise I will  the ESTRY section into FMP (likely the best route anyway... but time consuming).

I've attached a screenshot of the layout in GIS and the FloodModeller layout for information.




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