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Trick to viewing multiple TS files in MapInfo

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Not sure if other people already do this but here's a trick I stole from Bill. This allows you to view TS data from different runs in the same TS graph, very handy for comparing the differences in runs.

Step 1. Import both of the TS mif/mid files you want to look at.

Step 2. Update the ID's using Table>Update Column> Select one of the TS files and update the ID column to something like "Run Number "+ID. This will make it easy to tell the apart. Repeat for the 2nd TS file.

Step 3. Using Table>Append Rows to column, append one TS file into the other.

Step 4. Use a multiple select tool (eg polygon select) to select nodes and use the Graph Selected TS Items as per normal.

You should end up with timeseries data for the different runs graphed together with the run number in front of the ID to differentiate. EG:

Run 001 H Node 1

Run 002 H Node 1

Hopefully you can follow this explanation.

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