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XS csv data and 2d_bc layer consistency

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I have come across a model whose 1D component is in ESTRY. Cross section geometry defined by csv files. The data in the csv files extend beyond the top of banks and includes lower floodplain (Tuflow 2D domain defines the floodplain so it overlaps the sections). The 2d_bc layer and 2d_code define the narrower corridor of the channel between banks. A colleague said that ESTRY would know where to "clip" the cross section data(csv) to limit the conveyance calculations to only what is below the footprint of the 2d (GIS) layers. I have looked at the 1d_ta_tables_check.csv but it does not seem to be the case (conveyance is calculated for the entire cross section extent/height).

Is ESTRY capable of working out where to "clip" csv data or is my colleague mistaken?

Many thanks


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