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Using polygon colours to set coutour colours in vertical mapper

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Often when I'm setting up contours & I've forgotten to save a palette, I'll select polygons from an existing contour layer then edit the polygon to store the colour in the row of blank slots at the bottom of the colour selection drop down (does that make sense?). I use this method to change the colours of individual polygons as well, but the problem only exists when you're editting the colours of the contours when you're setting up a contouring process in Vertical Mapper

once all the colours have been stored in that bottom row, you go into Vertical Mapper & setup your contours, except instead of trying to reproduce the colours, you can just select them from the row at the bottom. This is useful when you're creating contours with colours that aren't automatically in the drop down that you get when you go to change the colour

I went through this process to create a legend for a contour map I just created, as I forgot to tick the "Create Legend" box when I ran the contouring process. I'd selected a reasonably large polygon to get the final colour stored in that drop down, then opened up Vertical Mapper & started setting up the contours. I noticed as I selected the colour for each contour that it was changing the colour of the polygon I'd selected! I'd always assumed that because you had a dialogue box open that it would stop editting the active layer in the MapInfo window behind it, but it seems this is not the case!

perhaps nobody else uses this method for editting colours or I'm the only one that assumed that when a dialogue box is open, the window behind it becomes inactive, but I just thought I should post this just in case anybody else out there is doing this

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